Repair and refurbishing of optical products and equipment.

List of services for repair and maintenance of grinding, polishing
and finishing machines:

  • full electronics replacement;
  • replacement of pneumatics and the ability to set the independent clamp up at every work space;
  • gearbox bulkhead; replacement of bearings, gears and shafts (if required);
  • full frame repair; under the spindles pallets can be replaced by plastic.


Recovery of control measurement optics.


  • mechanical parts adjustments;
  • optical schemes adjustments (IZS-7);
  • replacement of old element base to a new one with the opportunity to connect digital devices for the visualization (IZS-11,12).



  • routine maintenance;
  • mechanical systems adjustments;
  • optical schemes adjustments;
  • optical knots replacement;
  • system visualization and screen output mechanisms for
    subsequent software image processing.

Optical equipment repair process:

Gantry milling machine, work table(900x1100mm), hight of the processed parts – 120mm.

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