Zinc Selenide (CVD – ZnSe)

Factory of optical products LLC manufactures optics from Zinc Selenide (CVD – ZnSe).


ZnSe (CVD – ZnSe) is a thermally stable, uniform material.
ZnSe (zinc selenide) is used as various optical components operating in the IR range.
Zinc selenide infrared optics (ZnSe) made to order at Our optical production are widely used as components of CO2 laser systems up to 2 kW, in input devices like focusing and pass-through optics, as substrates for detectors. We produce standard and non-standard high-precision optics from ZnSe according to the requirements and drawings of the customer quickly and efficiently, as well as apply antireflection and beam-splitting coatings in the range (3 – 14) microns.


Transmission range 0.6 – 21 microns
Refractive index, n 2.4028 (l = 10 microns)
Reflection loss 29.1% (l = 10.6 microns, 2 surfaces)
dn / dT 61 x 10-6 / K (l = 10.6 µm at 298 K)
dn / dµ = 0 5.5 microns
The absorption coefficient 10-3 cm-1, l = 10.6 microns
Density 5.27 g/cm3
Melting point 1525 °C (dissociates at 700 °C)
Heat transfer coefficient 18 W / (m K) at 298 K
Coefficient of thermal expansion 7.1 x 10-6 / K at 273 K
Knoop hardness 120 (50 g mass of indenter)
Specific heat capacity 339 J / (kg K)
Young’s modulus, E 67.2 GPa
The module of volumetric strain, K 40 GPa
The limit of elasticity 55.1 MPa
Poisson’s ratio 0.28
Solubility 0.001 g / 100 g water
Molecular Weight 144.33
Class Polycrystal, cubic, ZnS structure.


Polycrystalline CVD-ZnSe (zinc selenide) is produced in reactors — plants using chemical vapor deposition processes.

The maximum dimensions of optics from polycrystalline ZnSe – (270mm X 500 mm x 35 mm)
The maximum size of Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) optics of laser quality (100 mm x 35 mm) is intended for high-power lasers.


To get a quotation or to order optics from ZnSe send a request by e-mail sale@optics.spb.ru

The cost of manufactured zinc selenide optics (ZnSe) is directly influenced by dimensions, tolerance requirements, parallelism, purity class, wedge angle, etc. The lower the requirements for optics, the lower its cost. Order ZnSe optics with exactly those “product requirements” that you need, but not exceeding them, this will allow you to buy ZnSe optics not expensive. Get exactly what you need!

In our production you can order and purchase, on very favorable conditions, optics from ZnSe (zinc selenide) in bulk from 10 to 20 pcs. and above, this is due to the presence of large production capacity, namely, machines “double-sided polishing”!


Our optical components from ZnSe are widely used throughout the world. Delivery of finished products is carried out quickly and reliably by courier service in the shortest possible time in Russia and around the world.

Factory of optical products LLC manufactures the following products from ZnSe Selenide (ZnSe):

  • optical blanks,
  • plane-parallel plates,
  • flat convex lenses,
  • lenses are biconvex,
  • biconcave lenses,
  • cylindrical lenses,
  • optical wedges,
  • optical meniscuses,
  • and other products according to drawings and customer specifications.
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