Optical Products Factory, LLC

Optical Products Factory, LLC is a reliable manufacturer which delivers a service all over the world. There is a wide use of our products in different areas: industrial and scientific optoelectronics, astro optics, acousto-optics, terahertz optical systems, sensors, etc. Our modern equipment and technologies give us the opportunity to produce high-quality optical products which meet all the required standards in the modern market.

Areas of work:

  • Production of Precision Optics based on the provided drawings
  • Optical materials
  • Wide choice of applications for optical coatings
  • Metal working for all precision products based on the provided drawings
  • Manufacturing of IR and UV lenses based on the drawings
  • Repair and refurbishing of Optical products and equipment
  • CO2 optics
  • Optical parts centering

Future plans:

  • To increase the production of high-quality optical products
  • To increase the volume of the production in standard optical components
  • To expand the production resources of the company
  • To maintain the high-quality of work and materials

The main customers of our company are:

  • The research and industrial enterprises
  • Wide range of manufacturers (from measuring devices production to vacuum and optical products)

Mission of the company:

  • To take the leading position in Russian optical products market
  • To make sure our company is always a guarantor of high-quality work and a symbol of effective business
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